It’s An Employer’s Market…But What Does That Really Mean For Recruiters?

Unemployment rates are high across the globe, meaning there’s no shortage of talented competitors applying for each vacancy. But is that necessarily a good thing?

When jobs are limited and the market is over-saturated with eager candidates, recruiters and employers alike can become overwhelmed with applications for each position. Suddenly, a position that used to attract 40-50 qualified candidates receives 400-500 applications, and an entry-level opportunity is inundated with inquiries.

If you don’t have an organized process to rank the resumes, you could find yourself spending way too long on applications that aren’t really worth the time. Worse, it might mean you miss out on the most eligible applicants.

So how do you narrow the field and manage the recruitment process in the most effective way possible?

  • Deliberate Design This is not a time for a simple resume submission. Tighten the minimum qualifications and consider supplemental questions to increase the difficulty of the application and highlight the most qualified applicants from the start.
  • Targeted Technology Stacks of paper, making copies, and the inherent inability to easily sort, store and systematically review the applications means that in times of high volume, a paper process will add hours to each recruitment. Maximize your use of technology to streamline the selection process.
  • Enlist the Experts When you have numerous candidates, it’s hard to sort between them. Use a subject matter expert to rate the resumes and select the stars.


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One Comment on “It’s An Employer’s Market…But What Does That Really Mean For Recruiters?”

  1. August 1, 2013 at 9:57 pm #

    So you see a job online that you really like the look of, and then what? Do you send your CV, do you attach a covering letter? Do you think about it for a while.
    What goes on behind the scenes at recruitment businesses seems to be a hot topic on the blogs at the moment?
    Mangesh Patil Durham NC

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