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Temporary Strategies?

Year on year, placements of temporary staff in the UK professional jobs marked jumped 15%. What it means, where to from here.

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Recruiters: What do you look for in a Grad?

No doubt, candidates boasting these elements enjoy an advantage. However, a quality graduate candidate is the outgrowth of preparation due to strategic foresight.

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How Recruiters and Mature-Aged Candidates can Battle Ageism

Quality recruiters know how to build and sell a candidate. And with the right strategy, a mature-aged candidate can not only win the placement, but change dated attitudes too-many employers have towards older jobseekers.

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Innovate CV speaks to Aaron Porter, NUS National President

We’re thrilled to announce that Innovate CV has partnered with the National Union of Students. We speak to NUS president Aaron Porter to find out his thoughts about issues facing students and grads.

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Resume Fraud – Where to Now for Recruiters?

Steven D. Levitt, of Freakonomics fame, suggests that more than 50 percent of people lie on their CVs. What can our industry do about it?

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Employment Prospects Following the 2010 Elections

As Bill Clinton famously put it “It’s the economy, stupid”. And in the light of the global downturn, that really was the central plank of the recent UK election campaign. But obviously the critical corollary of economic progression is a robust strategy to alleviate unemployment. So, while team Cameron and Clegg are thrust head first […]

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