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Innovate CV is looking forward to be assisting the UK’s young apprentices

Press release: The North East Apprenticeship Company (NEAC) is the first in the region to provide a ‘revolutionary’ new online CV service which will benefit both young apprentices and employers.

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Why Your McJob Could be the Smartest Career Move You’ll ever Make

Fact: 42% of undergraduates balance their studies with part-time work. By day, they may be studying Banking and Finance or Education. By night, they’re taking orders at a corner cafe or managing inquiries in a call centre. But why bother? The clear majority of these jobs are unstimulating, low-paying and hold few prospects. And you […]

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eLearning: Time to Wake Up to the Career Tool You’re Still Not Using.

Park yourself in front of the computer and enjoying a cuppa: it could be the best career investment you ever make.

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Ongoing Training and Development – A Recipe for Career Success

Training and development can sometimes fall off the radar, victim to more immediate business concerns. But we would go with the approach of W. Edwards Deming who commented that as “Learning is not compulsory…neither is survival”! In our view, the short term view of putting urgent before important will compromise long term company performance. Every […]

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Are Britain’s Schools and Universities Preparing Young People Well Enough for Work?

There is a growing concern amongst employers that Britain’s schools and universities are failing to prepare students for life after university. The days of Britain’s schools and universities being dedicated to the pursuit of obscure and arcane knowledge, ‘Pimms and Punting,’ and afternoon debates about Heidegger and Hegel have long since passed. Schools and universities […]

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Who is Responsible for Professional Training?

Are you an employer or an employee with views on workplace training? We’d love to hear from you and invite your comments below……….. Mission critical to the savvy job candidate is the ability to match their skills to those of the desired position. The success of this match is the lynchpin of the recruitment industry. […]

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