Why You Need to Spend Less Time Interviewing

A key team member just gave her two-week notice.  You need to back-fill right now; the problem is it took several months and countless interviews to fill this position last time.  Sound familiar?  NACE says the average U.S. cost-per-hire was $8,947 (up 57% over last year).  When searching for talent, one of the biggest investments on time and resources is spent conducting interviews.  How much do interviews cost your company?

Interviews are important.  We learn so much just by sitting with someone, watching how they project themselves, and interacting with them overall.  Interviews are valuable, but why should you give such a high level of effort to candidates who aren’t right for the job?  Well, sometimes you don’t know they aren’t right until you meet face-to-face.  Many applicants hire professional resume writers, and online SEO services help them tweak cover letters to get past your recruiting management software.  The unfortunate reality is that many candidates look better on paper than they really are.

It’s time for a paradigm shift, and tools are being created to help you better adapt.

For well over a decade now, recruiting efforts have fully embraced new technologies.  Pretty much everyone posts “help-wanted ads” on mass-market career sites, niche job boards, and their own company websites.  We use search engines to find top talent, and products like Innovate CV help you whittle hundreds of resumes down to dozens.  But when it comes to screening and interviewing, for many companies little has changed in the last half century.  There are others embracing the change, though.  A July 2012 HR Magazine article, The Virtual Interview, said 42% of companies now use web-based tools at some point in their interview process, up from 10% the year before.  Of those using the tools, 72% said they did so mainly because of high travel costs.

Forward-thinking companies are realizing the virtue of conducting virtual interviews.  An efficient, effective online interview process like that which Innovate CV provides add value by giving you the ability to recruit across numerous barriers – geographical, scheduling, etc. – at a fraction of the cost.  Customizable, asynchronous multimedia tools help recruiters narrow the candidate pool to the best people without relying on hit-and-miss phone screens and scheduled, canceled, and rescheduled interview appointments.  This means your hiring managers receive a shortlist of the best candidates, and spend valuable time bringing in only the right people.  In addition, when such online platforms are built well they work to create a better candidate experience and result in strengthening the relationship between the candidate and your company.

It makes sense that online interviewing is beginning to surge given the rapid growth of virtual workers in recent years.  But online interviewing is still underutilized at best.  And simply using Skype for interviews won’t quite cut it.  It’s hard to make tough hiring decisions if you are distracted by delayed audio and bad connections, not to mention the time wasted on manual organization when interviewing outside of a full-fledged applicant tracking system.  It may save the candidate a trip to the office, but it doesn’t offer the interviewer much of a time savings.  Innovate CV does.

Let’s be honest- nothing replaces the experience of sitting in a boardroom and interviewing your next employee, but there are tools that can help you come close while saving days’ worth of time.  In the real world, financial and time constraints make it tough to interview everyone in-person, so we offer an online tool to help you out.  Innovate CV gives H.R. professionals and hiring managers what they need to find the best talent efficiently and effectively, in an easy to use format.  We offer a menu-driven interface with simple, customizable templates and ready to use tools that protect both privacy and security.

Our platform allows for:

  • Creating time limits to mimic live interviews
  • Developing “elimination questions” to filter out wrong answers
  • Answer by text, multiple choice, or video
  • Speaking with candidates via live video, or
  • Reviewing asynchronous recordings after-the-fact
  • Reviewing several candidates simultaneously, side-by-side
  • Adding your notes as you consider a candidate without leaving the screen
  • Organizing a candidate’s interview, resume, and other pertinent files in one central location
  • Communicating with interviewees via email within the system
  • A full suite of customizable options

The SHRM 2013 HR Trend Report says the small company average to fill an open job is 39 days; large companies average 49.  Innovate CV’s online interviews help you eliminate hurdles like travel and scheduling conflicts, while optimizing your time through organization and centralization.  Innovate CV helps you fill open jobs more quickly.

Interviewing is a drain on time – but it’s not going away any time soon.  But use the right tools and you can speak to the right people, look at the right resumes, still save time, and increase your efficiency.

Learn more at InnovateCV.com


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