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Top Nine CV Bloopers Ever (And How To Avoid Making Them)

Nine out of ten graduates are turned down for a job because their CVs are full of errors of spelling and grammar. Here’s some of the ‘better’ mistakes…

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Say NO to CV Vagueness (and here’s how…)

A recruiter can smell a vague CV from a mile away – and the stench is overpowering. The candidate has seemingly done it all, but…hasn’t really done anything. All the right skills and attributes are listed, but…there’s a tangible sense of emptiness about it all. The CV is full of words, but nothing is really being said.

And in the bin it goes. Ugh.

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Three Reasons Why Extracurricular Activities are a CV Essential

Let’s get back to basics: your CV’s purpose is to sell your capabilities in order to progress to the next stage of the recruitment process – the job interview. Your CV must therefore provide your recruiter or potential employer with information to determine what your professionally-relevant capabilities are, and how they match the position’s requirements […]

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The Chameleon CV

OK – so I’m applying for a job, so it’s not like I can just use one CV because I need to tailor it. Basically, we’re talking a new CV for each application. But then I have a million copies of my CV – each one nuanced. And they are all saved in different places […]

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Job Candidates: Stand Out from the Crowd!

The Chinese character for “risk” is the same as “opportunity”. The Hebrew word for “crisis” is the same as “birthing stool”. So is there any word that is interchangeable for “recession”?! Well according to the recent article from The Economist the leaders of recruitment industry learnt the lessons of recession which highlighted their organisational and […]

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