Are Candidate Expectations On Time?

Hands up who’s ever had to seemingly wait an unreasonable length of time for their food at a business lunch.

Me too.

When it happens, a number of factors fuel our grumbles: (1) We invest our very limited time and energy into that particular restaurant (2) We become increasingly time-pressured by the minute, (3) Our growing appetites have been whet, and (4) We’re undeniably keen to taste what’s been ordered.

Now, I don’t have a clue how a kitchen team works during the lunch rush. However, I’m quite sure that if they had allowed me into the kitchen, I would understand that given their processes, they always working as fast as they could for all of us.

Copyright by Moyan Brenn

Copyright by Moyan Brenn

A restaurant needs to manage our expectations (absolutely essential), and improve their processes (strongly recommended). Failings in any of these two areas will lead a negative experience, and their negative word-of-mouth.

When we read Robert Walter’s research that 78% of candidates expect the full recruitment process – from application to job offer – to take four weeks or less, it struck us that given these expectations, the traditional recruiting process is inherently creating a negative candidate experience.

As an industry, there’s no question that we need to clearly manage candidates’ expectations. We can also all agree recruitment processes is to everyone’s advantage. After all, while customers in a restaurant are usually hesitant to ‘get up and go somewhere else,’ hungry candidates can easily be snapped up by faster moving recruiters…



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