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Why You Need to Spend Less Time Interviewing

Interviews cost time and resources. Spend less time interviewing more quality people with an online interview tool.

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Waking-up to Mobile Recruiting

It takes six hours to realise that we’ve lost our car keys. Three hours for a purse or wallet. But only 30 minutes until we yelp “…where’s my phone!?” Recruiters, take note.

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Do video interviews save time and money?

How does your organisation approach interviewing – as a means or an end? There is little debate that interviewing candidates is a necessity not a luxury but less focus on the fact that interviews are a means not an end. Clarity on this fact is vital because it forces employers to confront a painful truth: […]

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Digital Technology and Recruitment Agencies – RIP or Rejuvenation?

Even before “to google” became a verb, digital technology formed the pervasive backdrop for economic activity. Nowadays, even the most savvy recruiters are challenged to keep pace with the new functionality and devices that are constantly appearing in the marketplace. However, many recruitment consultancies appear to be adopting a “business as normal” approach without recognition […]

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