Employee Referrals and Social Media: How to do it right

There’s no question that employee referrals work.

After all, 88% of employers think it’s the number one source for quality hires. 82% of employers reckon referral programs have the best ROI. (source)

The question is, how to make your employee referral program work better? It’s estimated that anywhere between 15% and 30% of employees have referral programs to thank for their current position –  so how do you lift that number?

Social media has impacted the way we recruit – or at least it should have.  An ERP that doesn’t utilise social media isn’t making the impact it potentially could.  Social media should be the oracle of employer referrals.

Bill Boorman made the point well, to Recruiter magazine:

“Nearly everybody you are connected with has an average of 130 Facebook friends, 220 LinkedIn connections and about 20 per cent cross over – so a reach of 300 connections on average.”

Let’s say that you’re a company with 100 employees. When you pool everyone’s connections together, based on Bill’s stats, that translates to relatively easy direct  access to over 20,000 potential employees which doesn’t even take into account Twitter, and its 100 million active users.

The inevitable question is, how to encourage employees to use their social media accounts to for the good of their employer.

Incentives – Well executed incentives (financial and otherwise) provide the impetus employees often need. Incentives could be the difference between an employee having a quick think and good think.

Making the company a great place to work – It’s no secret that happy employees are referring employees. And the happier they are, the less incentive they would need.

Internal Marketing – Don’t just let you staff know about your ERP, get them excited about it! Be warned though, it’s a fine line between educating and annoying.

Simply the rules and regulations – no one has the time (you hope!) or patience to read through endless fine print. You need rules – just make sure that they’re clear and simple.

How do you actually get your employees to use their social media accounts to share openings? What’s the process?

And here’s where many fall. We’ve all seen the clumsy and vague messages that read something like: “Anyone looking for a job in _____ – we’re hiring! Let me know if you’re interested!”

These messages rarely work:

Vague descriptions – Candidates, especially passive candidates, definitely need a link to the job description before they’re even considering getting in touch some someone.

Too casual – Your brand image is at stake here. A blasé approach to job referrals could paint an image of a blasé working culture.  Even if you have a casual corporate style, you don’t want to come across as an amateur recruiter.

Besides, how many staff will even take the initiative to squeeze a job description into a tweet or post? It takes time, it takes thought, and they’re too busy.

Innovate CV’s corporate solution makes it easy for employees to professionally share exactly what jobs are available. And it only takes two steps.

1. Employees can easily access  the list of latest vacancies

2. Employees use the sharing buttons to share a link to the application process via:

Facebook – Post to an employee’s wall, or as a direct message

LinkedIn – As a public update, as a private message to a contact, or even post to a group

Twitter – A customisable message to appear on an employees’ feeds

Employers will have easy automatic access to their contacts. Sure, they can use the shotgun approach, or carefully comb through their contacts for a more targeted strategy. Or both.

And of course, everything’s absolutely trackable.

Make the referral process open, and make it easy – and your employees will get busy. Find out more.



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