First Time Job Seekers: Fiona Lander’s Top Ten Tips

We’re absolutely delighted that Fiona Lander has joined the Innovate CV TV line up, offering her Top Ten Job Seeker Tips. While Fiona primarily addresses 16-24 year olds, any job seeker will certainly find her comments insightful and impactful.

That’s not much of a suprise, however. After all, Fiona has over 30 years of experience helping job seekers and recruitment agencies. Since 1997, she’s head Lander Associates – an international training and performance development specialists for the recruitment sector.

(So if you’re a recruiter, you most certainly want to click here.)

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be focusing some blog posts on Fiona’s specific points. But in the meantime, on with the show!

Tip 1. Treat your Job search as a job in itself

Tip 2. Identify your strengths and weaknesses

Tip 3. Look for transferable Skills

Tip 4. Prepare your CV (and, well, we can certainly help with that)

Tip 5. Sign up with reputable recruitment agencies

Tip 6. Network, network, network!

Tip 7. Interview Preparation is key

Tip 8. Consider every opportunity

Tip 9. Be yourself!

Tip 10. Don’t Give Up


Ever wanted to ask Presidents, CEOs, Managing Directors, Managing Shareholders, Editors, Partners, Broadcasters, Members of Parliament, Sales Directors, Consultants, Banker or creative professionals all about job searching and career advancement?

Innovate CV have teamed up with industry leaders from a range of sectors to present over 40 career insight videos from high performers. Companies that are represented include Lovells (Law), Rothschild Asset Management (Finance), Bayswater (Media), ITS Pharma (Pharmaceuticals), MacIntyre Hudson (Accountancy), Smart UK (Consultancy), New York University Hospital (Medicine), Cisco Systems (IT) and many, many more.

Click here to visit Innovate CV TV.

Innovate CV TV has proven quite a nice tool for job seekers. And by the look of our Youtube stats, not just graduates. As you cans see, it’s actually 25-34 year olds watching Innovate CV TV, with the 45-54 year old bracket behind.

We’d absolutely love to further expand the Innovate CV TV line-up, so please let us know if there are any careers that you’d like to hear about!



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