Plan C Candidates = A-Grade Candidates

We’ve all heard of him: the successful employee who quits his career so he can earn his keep as, say, a chocolatier. He’s fondly farewelled with best wishes and forlorn whispers: “I wish I had the guts to do what you’re doing…”

A recent piece in the NY Times highlighted ‘cubicle captives’ who had jumped into what the paper described as ‘Plan B careers’ – finally combining their passions with their entrepreneurial spirits.

Regardless of their varying degrees of success, each Plan B’er reached a daunting stage where they wondered if perhaps it’s time for Plan C: updating their dusty old CV and looking for that once discarded white collar…

From NY Times: "This was supposed to be her Plan B: her chance to indulge a passion, lead a healthier life and downshift professionally...

I can only imagine Plan B and, inevitably, Plan C cases are just as common in the UK. And I’d argue that even his ceramics studio failed miserably, he now possesses a truly worthy CV.

After all, here’s a proven employee who’s now armed with a host of new skills. Quoting for the piece: “[The mid-career changer in question] is not only his own boss, he is his own accountant, sales director, marketing manager and shipping clerk.”

Such a candidate can now appreciate and enjoy the long forgotten benefits of office-based employed work: steady income, (relative) job security, and of course…weekends. His creativity will be focused and his renewed spirit dedicated.

Plan C candidates not only deserve our deepest respect, but also our keenest attention. What do you think?

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