Innovate CV’s Celebrity Resume Chest – President Obama

By sensationally leaking President Obama’s Innovate CV, kindly note that we are most certainly not suggesting that:

(a)    President Obama has or should quite the 2012 campaign and start his new jobsearch armed a brilliant next generation resume.

(b)   President Obama is or should be using an Innovate CV to boost his profile for the 2012 campaign. (Well, actually, I take that one back. We’d be quite chuffed with that…)

(c)    President Obama is great!

(d)   President Obama is not great!

(e)    President Obama is the furthest thing from great!

(f)    President Obama considers himself a basketball “expert”.

No, no…not at all. But, what we are suggesting is that President Obama would make a great looking Innovate CV. Oh, and late-night-in-the-office caffeine powered ideas CAN be realised.

Click the pick and have a look. The President doesn’t mind at all. In fact, if you hit his Innovate CV’s like button, he’d even be quite pleased (and humbled).

Click here and have a look what we found!

Now that we’ve unlocked the resume chest, tell us…who’s Innovate CV do you want to see next? And know that we like a challenge…



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