Introducing Alyse Landers – Innovate CV’s US Business Development Manager

While it’s still over a month until Innovate CV’s US launch party, our hand-picked New York based team have been busy introducing Innovate CV to segments of the American recruiting community – and having an absolute blast while they’re at it!

We want Innovate CV to change the face of American recruiting. We want to give job seekers quality tools to best present themselves, and also help recruiter and employers make the best placements as efficiently as possible.

We’re thrilled to have found the Business Development Manager equal to the challenge. Introducing Alyse Landers…

We know why we wanted you to join us, but why did you want to join us?

When I first heard about Innovate CV without knowing what it was about but just hearing that it had to do with resumes…I thought to myself well how exciting could this possibly be? 

However! After hearing more about the companies mission, and seeing a demo of the product I couldn’t have been more excited to join the team & get on board.  The people were warm and welcoming and the product itself was nothing that I have ever seen before. 

I especially connected with the concept because I know that when I was graduating from college, I always wished that there was a better way for me to be able showcase my personality and who I am.  Innovate CV is without a doubt the future of resumes and the solution to that problem.

Check out Alyse’s very own Innovate CV

Tell us about Innovate CV’s US launch. What, when, where…and why?

Since Innovate CV has been enormously successful in the UK, they wanted to expand into the American market and what better place to go other than NYC.  Maybe I believe this just because I am a fellow New Yorker but I believe you must have a presence in NYC to truly make it.  Innovate CV officially opened up their doors Mid May 2011. Since then we have been making significant headway and have developed some key strategic partnerships even in the little time that we have been here.

How did SHRM attendees react to the Innovate CV concept?

Innovate CV truly held its own at SHRM even in a sea of hundreds of companies.  People were intrigued by the photo of the interactive resume on our banner and came up to us curious and eager to learn what we were all about. 

Every person/companies reaction was the same.  They were impressed with all of the software’s moving parts, and said that they have never seen anything like it.  Every person that saw the demo quickly saw how invaluable this platform will be not only for the candidate, but for universities, recruiters, and corporate recruiters alike.

How was #truBoston? What concept really got you thinking?

#truBoston was what they call a un-conference; no badges, no power-points, no formalities.  Just a bunch of like-minded people in a similar space sharing their ideas and thoughts on recruiting, and what some of the best practices in the industry are.  I enjoyed all of the topics as it’s always eye opening to hear different people’s opinions and viewpoints that are in the same space and see what they are having the most success with. 

I found the use of social media particularly interesting, there is just so much that can be done with it.  Social media has really become the way forward and such a vital tool for any business to succeed.  It’s pretty unbelievable to think about since just a few short years ago social media did not even exist!  As our world is changing more and more into the digital space our business methods and use of technology must also change to be able to adapt and go beyond the changing times. 

From your many discussions with recruiters, what do you think some of the industry’s main challenges are?

Main challenges are that recruiters are getting bogged down by the mass amounts of resumes that are coming in to them, especially in this day and age where unemployment is at an all-time high. 

Most of these resumes they are receiving are filled with candidates who are not nearly qualified for the positions they are applying to, this is making it incredibly difficult for them to sort through to find the qualified candidates. Not only that, but this is a manual process for them as well as a very time consuming process.  Thus leaving them little to no time to be able to engage with their candidates making the candidates have a lack of loyalty towards the recruiting agency/ company they are applying to.

…and opportunities?

As I mentioned above the world is moving more and more into the digital space.  With that being said the opportunity for recruitment agencies and corporate recruiters lies with them starting to utilize technology to ensure that they are at the cutting edge of the industry.  This will allow them to focus on getting the right person hired the first time around.  It will cut out a lot of manual labor and help them to be able to find quality candidates quicker, faster, and in a more effective manor.

You’re surrounded by English people quite a bit these days. What are some of your favourite British expressions you’ve heard so far?

(Video answer!)

Can you let us in on any exciting plans for the last six months of 2011?

We have a very exciting US launch party coming up September 14th here in NYC.  There will be three key companies that we have partnered with that will be joining us as we celebrate our official launch into the American market.  Besides that I know we will be getting some very large key clients on board before years end.  I am very much looking forward to all of the future successes that I know Innovate CV will have and am looking forward to being an instrumental part in it!

We coudn’t have said it better! If you’d like to get in touch with Alyse, reach her on 800.613.6902 or via alyse.landers [at] innovatecv [dot] com. Be sure to keep up with her on Twitter.

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