Waking-up to Mobile Recruiting

It takes six hours to realise that we’ve lost our car keys. Three hours for a purse or wallet. But only 30 minutes until we yelp “…where’s my phone!?”

You’d agree that it’s hard to imagine that we used to do just fine without these little gadgets. And who knows how we’ll be using them only a few years from now. But one thing is certain: job candidates will be utilising their phones to create and house their CVs and online profiles, find and apply for openings, and communicate with recruiters. Now what?

First and foremost, web presences need to be mobile-friendly.In February last year, 290,000 jobseekers accessed job-related websites via mobile in the UK – imagine the figures today. Gartner have predicted that phones will overtake desktops as the most common internet access devices worldwide in 2013. Remarkable. So how does your site stack up? Test it. Do you require a dedicated mSite?

“We’re hiring!”

Apps are all the talk. If they offer serious value and are used as part of an integrated recruiting campaign, candidates will take notice and take advantage. Innovate CV’s free app has enjoyed a wildly successful reaction from iPhone users who have appreciate the ability to create, manage, share, send and track their Innovate CVs…wherever they are. Recruiters looking to enhance their candidates’ experience, hiring-efficiency and brand have expressed tremendous interest in our white-label edition.

Yet despite the undeniable march towards mobility, only 33.8% of recruiters are planning on increasing mobile spend over the next 12 months. As long as they have user-experience top of mind, these relatively few innovators can expect very healthy returns.

At least 2013 will be a bumper year for mobile recruiting…



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One Comment on “Waking-up to Mobile Recruiting”

  1. August 14, 2011 at 11:28 am #

    Rhanks for the article. It’s a good read full of useful statistics.

    I’m positive that mobile CV’s are the way forward, the ease of which it can be distributed, coupled with an online presence, will surely give job candidates a real boost in the selection process.

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