How to make your CV go viral (Oh, and earn you a holiday to Brazil.)

Here’s the big news: The Innovate CV that attracts the most ‘likes’ by August 31 will win a holiday for two to Brazil.

…And three runners up will each win a new iPad.

Click for the details!

The more likes your Innovate CV earns, the further it will spread through your friends’ Facebook networks. And the more eyes that see your CV, the more opportunities may arise. After all, it may not be too long until your Innovate CV reaches the screen of someone who’s looking to hire!

The big question is, of course, how do you attract those likes? We’ll get there. But first things first…

Three steps to scoring your dream holiday…and career

1. Complete your Innovate CV

To increase your chances of attracting job opportunities and likes, make sure your Innovate CV is up to scratch.

Have you sold yourself as well as you can?

Does your chosen format and design look right?

Are all of your details up to date?

Have you checked and double-checked your spelling and grammar?

If you’ve decided to insert your photo or a video, are they suitable?

Are there any additional documents or work samples that you can embed?

Have you connected your social media profiles to your Innovate CV?

2. Enter your CV

To enter the competition, simply select which of your Innovate CV’s you want to enter and click the green ‘ENTER CV COMPETITION’ button.

Now the fun begins…

3. Start collecting those likes!

We want your CV to go viral. To help out, Innovate CV has implemented some new tools that will get your CV moving through your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn networks.

At the top of your ‘CV ORGANISOR’ page, you’ll notice a sharing section. Choose your pitch, type in your message, select your CV and social network(s)…and share!

Choose your pitch – I’ve asked people to like my CV.

Select your social media networks...

Here’s what it looks like. Each update will need be featured on your profile, as well as your followers’/friends’ streams.




Some Practical Tips to get your innovate CV seen (and score those likes!)

Make the your pitch count. It’s got to break through your friends’ and followers’ feed clutter.

Don’t share too often – after all, that’s just plain annoying.


  • Link to your Innovate CV in your profile.

  • Use the share feature during work hours – when LinkedIn is most active.
  • If you use the Groups/Answers/messaging functions, include a link to your Public Innovate CV at the bottom of your messages.


  • Use your Innovate CV as your main URL
  • If you want to target specific people on Twitter, use the @ feature. However, be sensible – make sure an appropriate relationship exists before so overtly drawing their attention to your CV.


  • List your Innovate CV as your ‘website’
  • Don’t be afraid to message close friends. Depending on the relationship, you may want to ask them to give you feedback on your resume, ask if they know anyone looking for work in your field, or perhaps you can straight-out ask them to like your Innovate CV!
  • If you’re posting quality messages in professional groups and pages, sign off with your Innovate CV address. But remember the golden rule: no one likes a spammer.
  • The best time to share your Innovate CV is after working hours.
  • Get your Innovate CV on the Innovate CV fanpage! Leave a comment below with your innovate CV’s address, and I’ll publish the best CVs to more than 16,000 fans! (note: I won’t make your comment public.)

Get busy! And remember, your job and Brazil are both waiting for you!


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