Introducing the Innovate CV Interview Tool – Taking Candidate Screening to a New Level

The team here at Innovate CV is constantly trying to come up with new ways to improve the recruitment process. While we’ve got a number exciting ideas in the pipeline, here’s one we’re ready to share.

Welcome to the Interview

Job hunters are always advised to tailor their CVs for each position. For good reason. After all, a CV that emphasises relevant aspects vis-à-vis the job is far more likely to make a better impression.

But even a tailored CV is at best limited, and at worst misleading, insofar as demonstrating a candidate’s suitability. Clients don’t want to interview the most talented CV writers, they want the best candidates. But given the uncertainty of the candidate’s potential fit, the interview process is unbearably long and costly given the conceivable number of quality applicants. International recruiters can especially appreciate that the interview can be a high-risk endeavour.

We’ve created a new tool that will dramatically improve the speed and quality of the screening process – much to a client’s delight and the candidate’s appreciation.

Recruiters can now invite candidates to undertake an online interview/assessment whereby they are asked a bespoke set of questions (to be answered within nominated time limits) through text, video or multiple choice. Recruiters can then embed some or all of the candidate’s answers to their multimedia Innovate CVs.

The Recruiter's Interview Organizer (click to expand)

The Candidate's Interview Organizer (click to expand)

Let’s think of some quick examples how this technology can be put to practical use:

  • If a recruiter is looking for a sales person and wants to get an idea of their personality and communication skills, the recruiter can instruct candidates to answer some or all of the questions by video.
  • Perhaps a recruiter is searching for programmer, where a vast knowledge bank of information is often essential. Recruiters can set a number of multiple choice questions to be answered in a set time limit. The candidates can then be screened by those who got, say, 70% of the questions right.
  • Candidates who are applying for a position where writing is an essential skill can be challenged to write on a nominated topic in a certain time frame.

No doubt you’re coming up with your own great ideas.

A Sample Screening Interview (click to expand)

Clients will not only receive an agency-branded multimedia CV, but also an even deeper and more relevant perspective into the candidates’ potential suitability given the focused screening questions. With greater assurance and confidence, clients can now invite only the best candidates to interview.

We’ve also recently announced integration with the job distribution and candidate sourcing company, Broadbean. This allows our mutual clients to automatically create agency-branded Innovate CVs directly from responses received by Broadbean. Of course, candidates whose Innovate CVs come from job boards via Broadbean can also be easily invited for interview using the new tool.

CVs and online interviewing/assessments used to go hand in hand – now they’re one and the same.

Feature image: C@arljones


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