Does the recruitment process suit the modern candidate?

The Innovate CV university tour provided us with a tremendous opportunity to understand  the recruitment process from a graduate’s perspective. The bad news: Our industry is suffering from a negative perception. The good news: remedies are available that benefit not only jobseekers, but also recruiters.

Students and recent graduates constantly expressed frustration at the inflexibility of the recruitment process. One post-grad said as follows: “The grad-job scene makes me want to scream. We have to jump through hoops like little show dogs, and we don’t know what we’re doing. I think our frustration either leads to people giving up, or putting on a whole show and hiding who they really are.”

Heads nodded.

Image Credit: skycaptiontwo

Their views perfectly echoed The Time’s Sathnam Sanghera who argued that “professional recruitment in the 21st century appears to be designed to sap the will of all those involved in it.” (Business Life, 18/04/2010). This isn’t the tired “Gen Y and lazy and stuck up” debate. Rather, the issue we face is how to ensure that young candidates are given the tools and processes where they can best present their true selves, giving recruiters the power to make quality hiring decisions.

Candidates want a degree of empowerment. They want  to feel that they are being selected, not de-selected. They want tools to construct a quality CV that reflects their capabilities, personality and potential – anytime, anywhere. They want to know what stage of the application process they’re in. They want to discuss during interviews, not be interrogated.

Let’s give it to them.


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