Considering a Career in Media? Norman Lebrecht has some Advice for You.

FACT: Media is a ferocious industry. It’s high pressured. Non-stop. Fast paced. And absolutely thrilling.

FACT: Media is brutally competitive. And any advice an industry veteran can offer is invaluable.

Norman Lebrecht knows media. The London-based newspaper and broadcasting veteran has seen it all before, and he’s met a fair amount of people along the way. He’s seen hopefuls gloriously succeed, and he’s seen them, well, tragically fail.

Innovate CV spoke to Norman Lebrecht, and he let us in on a few career advice secrets that media candidates simply can’t afford to miss out on. Check out the video, and read a few of the highlights.

1. Remember, you work is always remembered.

The very nature of media ensures that your output is being recorded and consumed. As Lebrecht warns the media contender, “everything you have done is going to be remembered by someone, somewhere.” So be careful what you say and where you’re saying it. You’re always on the air.

Perhaps one will argue that the internet is a fertile ‘training ground’ where one can anonymously hone one’s media skills.

No. This may have arguably only been the case in the internet’s early less-sophisticated years. But as the internet becomes more mainstream and social, it also becomes more traceable and transparent. Be careful.

2. Relationships are everything.

“Media is a communications industry” says Lebrecht. “It’s how you get on with people as much as what you can do and how you do it.”

As such, you’ll need to invest time and energy into forming and maintaining relationships. Your interactions are never only limited to the those contacts directly involved; you’re always indirectly interacting with others through the vehicle that is your reputation.

New opportunities may present themselves, but the way in which you handle any job-transactions is vital. “Make sure to leave your present job without any dirty footsteps…things will keep back and things will get around.” Humility and appreciation will never be looked down upon.

3. Work hard, and keep your head down

Interns and Graduates be warned. Lebrecht advocates those new to the industry take on an inconspicuous approach.  “Be eager, be ready, keep your eyes wide open, but don’t make waves.” The young and inexperienced will gain the admiration and respect of your co-workers and management by keeping their head down and working hard. “Don’t do anything,” Lebrecht warns, “that stands out and says ME ME ME.”

Young recruits will soon become accustomed to the fast paced and high-pressure nature of the industry, but remember, even those the most experienced personalities have it up to their neck. “The worst thing you can do is an intern…is ask too many question. People just don’t have time.” Pick your questions carefully.

We wish you the best of luck, media hopefuls. Norman Lebrecht has given you a headstart – the rest is up to you.

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One Comment on “Considering a Career in Media? Norman Lebrecht has some Advice for You.”

  1. #Greg#
    July 1, 2011 at 1:22 pm #

    What a joke. I’ve been told my career advisor to keep q’s to a bare minimum so we don’t annoy.

    I’ll take my advice from Norman instead, thanks.


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