Recruiters: What do you look for in a Grad?

Encouraging news. High Fliers Research suggests that employers are expecting to increasing this year’s graduate intake by 9.4%. However, with each graduate opening generating up to 270 applications, let’s not get too excited just yet. No industry is more intimately aware of graduates job seekers’ pain and uncertainty than recruitment.

Many of our colleagues in recruitment spend their days sorting through their CVs, shaking their often sweaty hands, analysing their performance and conduct, and doing their best to ascertaining their professional potential. Graduate recruitment could be the most challenging aspect of our industry.

The question begs to be asked: what do you think is the most prized graduate attribute?

Your next grad?

Photo Credit: James Almond

Could it be communication skills? Or leadership? What about academic achievement? Relevant experience? Work ethic..?

No doubt, candidates boasting these elements enjoy an advantage. However, a quality graduate candidate is the outgrowth of preparation due to strategic foresight.

When Innovate CV announced its partnership with the National Union of Students, Aaron Porter suggested that university students needed to be more proactive in actively positioning themselves as quality candidates. And the sooner this preparation begins, the better.

Whatever a graduates activities and achievements,  the challenge is to determine if (1) this applicant prepared and acted on a long term strategy that would result in being well positioned for a graduate job in one’s chosen discipline, and (2) how well the graduate prepared himself your application and interview.

As long as we can recognise and reward their foresight, I envy the future of such graduates.

Innovate CV, in association with the NUS, is proud to present Student Rec 2011 - click here for details.


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