The Innovate CV/NUS Roadshow Diary: Cambridge

After a successful meeting with student leaders in Bristol, the Innovate CV team – Adam Lewis, Katie Blechner and Lord Jim Knight – arrived in historic Cambridge.

We made our way to Anglia Ruskin (with time to spare for a quick coffee at the university’s cafe!) to meet with the university’s student leaders, as well as those from Essex University.

Lord Knight led the discussion, which focussed on three main issues:

1. The role of the university

How do students look at the  university concept? As an academic experience in higher learning, or a means to a job? Is it better to study the subjects that most interest you, or the one that is most likely to launch your career?

2. Work Experience

How vital is work experience? Is it a discussion from one’s studies, or does it provide a necessary context? What is the function of work experience?

The point was made that work experience serves as confirmation on one’s career choice. However, a degree of maturity is required to ascertain how closely one’s ‘taste’ of the profession matches the realities of day-to-day working life post-graduation.

3. Social Media – how can students benefit?

Can one enjoy both the social and professional benefits of social media? Or as one’s career progresses (or graduation nears), does the social aspect require diminishment in order one’s presentation compliments their desired professional image? How can social media be utilised in the job search? Could the main benefit of social media be, in fact, to build one’s desired professional image?

Adam demonstrated the social benefits of Innovate CV via our new Facebook app whereby users can create, manage, share, and send their Innovate CV via Facebook. He also showed off other free tools including the CV builder, and Innovate CV TV whereby leaders from a broad range of industry’s share their career advice.

We all headed to the Tram Depot for a few drinks. Students were keen to hear about Innovate CV’s big competition (after all, you can win a trip for two to New York or Paris, win an iPad,  internships…and more) as well as March’s Student Rec 2011 event in London.

We had a brilliant time with everyone. Cambridge, we have to say that you made a big impression on us.


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