The Innovate CV/NUS Roadshow Diary: University of Bristol

Innovate CV kicked off our travels across the country in historic Bristol last Wednesday, on a typically brisk but beautifully day.

The three of us – Adam, Kate and Lord Knight –  couldn’t wait to reach campus. And thankfully, a short cab right later, there we were. We made our way to the Student’s Union to record an interview for Burst Radio. It was for a slot that explores technological initiatives on the market and is co-presented by Shaun Miller and Charlie Robinson. We  had a great time chatting about student CVs and Bristol.

We were greeted by student representatives from Bristol University, Bath University, UWE and Gloucestershire University. The aim of this meeting was for animated discussion to take place on pressing issues surrounding graduate recruitment including prospects and pressures facing students about to graduate. Lord Jim Knight led the discussion which covered topics such as:-Dominance of large firms – offering places on graduate schemes puts extra pressure on students to have a job lined up once graduating.

Unpaid internships – are they justified when students are offering their services and have to consider student debt? It means that those who are more financially privileged have more opportunity to enhance their resume whilst other students have to take on paid work in jobs that are often not in the field of work they wish to go into.

Work experience/internships – unanimous agreement that they are great way to discover how a company or industry works and whether one should go into it or not.  There were mixed reactions on whether universities should incorporate more placement years in degrees.  What do you think?

Role of social media for students – it has the ability to be used in a professional capacity, however with our lives enshrined in cyberspace, it could easily be detrimental if a potential employer sees it. All attendees believed that employers definitely look applicants up on social networking sites to find out more than their CV is showing.

Lord Knight answers students' questions

Adam demonstrated Innovate CV and showed our free tools such as the CV builder and Innovate CV TV, where leading industry figures share their extensive knowledge-bank of career advice.

We were also able to show our new Facebook application and the ability to push your CV and a pitch to your accounts in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It was noted that just 200 friends on a social networking account could equate to 2000 contacts or further connections.

The greatest reception came from our work with the NUS taking place over the next few months directly for students. This includes the massive competition we are running where the most ‘Liked’ public Innovate CVs will win a trip for two to New York, Paris or an iPad.

We all went down to the Student Union bar where  about 30 more students joined us for drinks. There was a great buzz about Student Rec 2011 in London in March with speakers Greg Dyke, Lord Jim Knight, Feargal Sharkey (CEO of UK Music), Richard Allan (Director of Facebook ) and Aaron Porter.

Managed to get some flyers out before rushing off to catch our train. What a great day. Bristol, we love you!


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