How to Get Recruiters Contacting You Directly for Work

By Femi Yusoof

Finding your dream job can be a difficult task. With so much competition for positions, a candidate needs to stand out from the crowd by developing a unique approach.

It constantly amazes me how often people send in their CV for a position they are simply not suitable for. Such a candidate is using the scatter-gun approach, hoping the recruiter has the perfect position waiting in the wings. However, they are simply wasting everyone’s time – including their own.

Such candidates will find that that they get less contact from recruiters who have little time to scan through all their details, as they are generally looking for relevance for their immediate vacancies. Companies are also unlikely to contact a candidate if their CV is not relevant to the position at hand.

To have recruiters, headhunters and companies calling you directly, you must make yourself visible. The obvious medium are online job boards which are increasing by the day. New websites are constantly being launched that are specific to a niche industry or profession where prospective candidates can post their details.

Social networking is here to stay. The likes of Linkedin and Facebook are fantastic ways of reaching people within and outside of your immediate circle, thus creating an amazing abundance of opportunity.

Linkedin, a US-based networking site for professionals, has more than 80 million users worldwide. It’s an excellent forum for highlighting your profile and making contact with some of the biggest and most successful companies in the corporate world.

I have heard remarkable stories where candidates got hired for great jobs through sites such as LinkedIn. In one particular case, the candidate was catapulted above those that had applied through the normal process. Why? The candidate had a very good online profile, complete with well written testimonials. Making your capabilities visible online is key to your success, all the more so as you move up the career ladder or when applying for senior positions.

Of course, social networking counts for little unless you have a quality CV to back yourself up. Presentation is vital – use the right format and layout. With great advances in online CV technology (for example, Innovate CV), you have no excuses for portraying a poor image. And of course, content is king – it must be relevant to the position at hand.

It is often said that success is not about what you know, but who you know. Social networking allows you to expand the latter, as you’ll be able to leverage other people’s network. By making the right connections online, you’ll greatly increase the prospect of being contacted by an employer or recruiter – and ultimately landing your dream job.

Femi Yusoof is a Career Coach and Author (101 Most Powerful & Inspiring Bathroom Quotes) with industry experience of welfare to work, financial services and investments, healthcare, human resources, engineering and construction.


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One Comment on “How to Get Recruiters Contacting You Directly for Work”

  1. Harry H MUFC
    November 11, 2010 at 3:39 pm #

    Thanks for the post. I’m been quite slack getting involved with LinkedIn. Well, here goes..

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