Employment Prospects Following the 2010 Elections

As Bill Clinton famously put it “It’s the economy, stupid”. And in the light of the global downturn, that really was the central plank of the recent UK election campaign. But obviously the critical corollary of economic progression is a robust strategy to alleviate unemployment.

So, while team Cameron and Clegg are thrust head first into the nitty gritty of running the country, what are the long-term implications for the job market?

Conservative policy on employment is laid out in the “Work Programme”. This is an ambitious plan outlining a single unified back-to-work programme for the diverse demographic of those who are currently unemployed.

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With reference to the employment sector there are a number of specific policies under discussion. These include financial incentives for small businesses to hire new employees in the form of tax waivers, as well as financial bonuses, both of which are designed to open up the job market.

The Liberal Democrats boldly entitled their manifesto “Change That Works for You – Building a Fairer Britain”. In it they outline a number of key pledges which include a number of employment specific pledges.  These cross areas such as regulation, pay and pensions, flexible working and employment.  Unsurprisingly, job creation is high on the list for both parties.

Candidates who have not been in employment for whatever reason will be induced into new positions. Training can provide candidates with the ability to demonstrate that they have key functional skills that will allow them to optimise their value to a new employer.

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Recruitment companies that have used the downturn to invest in their infrastructure and develop their processes and systems will best placed to ride this new wave. As Nietzsche said, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”, and the thinned out playing field means that rich pickings await those agencies poised to maximise the new wave of opportunities.  In general, the market looks set to respond well in the knowledge that there is a new government in power. This is coupled with the overall sense of relief which accompanies the references to long awaited green shoots across all sectors.

So now that the die has been cast and the coalition formed, does this signal the end of the political rhetoric and the beginning of the hard work to get Britain back on its feet? There are thousands of job candidates out there who certainly hope that is the case. And of course, we invite Gordon Brown to dust himself off and start creating his online Innovate CV – just the trick for getting a new job.



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