Nine Recruitment Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss – Part 3

Daniel Lyons, managing director of Innovate CV, concludes his list of trends the recruiting industry should expect to see in the next twelve months. Parts one and two were previously posted.

7. Mounting pressure on Recruiters

Recruiters will be required to up their game significantly during the next 12 months, providing essential metrics and KPIs to employers in order for them to justify in-house and external recruitment expenditure. Despite this increased service, fee rates are unlikely to rise in 2010 and may even be squeezed further, forcing recruiters to be creative in budget spend and strategic in investment.

8. The rise of online video

The widespread availability of cheaper, hand-held broadcast equipment, software, and photo and video editing sites such as Flickr and YouTube has improved the process of producing and displaying creative work. This has been embraced by candidates, particularly amongst the young, to improve their job prospects, and align themselves with other creative leaders.

“The opportunity for young people to be part of the creative community has soared” notes Matthew Taylor, Director of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts. “The number of people involved in grime [UK underground music scene] is an indicator that we are moving away from an era with a small number of spectators, to an era where every person feels that they have scope for, and can be creative.” We expect to see this trend spill over into recruitment, as companies increasingly look for creative thinkers with great problem solving abilities.

9. Development methods to pre-qualify candidates

In an increasingly competitive job market, candidates need to be top of their game: anything less just won’t cut it. This quest to gain the competitive edge will render the role of online career centres absolutely crucial. Candidates will begin to rely on these as a means of bridging their skills gap and enhancing their offering to potential employers.

And there you have it; challenging and (very) exciting times ahead in the world of recruiting. Considering Daniel’s nine predictions, which do you think will be the one that ‘counts’?


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2 Comments on “Nine Recruitment Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss – Part 3”

  1. Angela
    May 10, 2010 at 9:27 am #

    Great list, but I don’t know what extend online video will spill over into the mainstream in the recruitment world – if that is how we are going to define ‘trend’ (or at least, those that matter).

    Videos certainly allow for job searches to express themselves more than a piece of paper, do various industries really want their applicants to express themselves all this much? Perhaps marketing and communications will find it useful (and those sort of personalities will probably enjoy making a video!)

    Mainsteam trend? I’d be suprised. But those in certain industries may find it useful to supplicant their videos to a real online resume; not at the expense of one.

  2. Chan, Bill
    May 10, 2010 at 10:11 am #

    Video resumes are definately a trend – even becoming a little industry in itself. I don’t know if it is a trend that is more important than others mentioned

    The mainstream news are even picking up on it:

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