Nine Recruitment Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss – Part 2

Onwards with part two of nine recruiting trends that you can’t afford to miss, by Daniel Lyons, head man at Innovate CV.

4. Increased care to get the right candidate for the job

The commercial cost of making a wrong hiring decision is estimated to cost up to four times the salary of the position. There have been murmurings in the industry for years about concerns which employers and recruitment consultants have with CV inflation, but now they cannot afford to make a mistake.

They have to make sure they get the right person, and that that person is capable of adding value to their business. Despite budgets becoming tighter than ever, employers and recruitment consultants will be prepared to invest heavily in solutions which can provide them with the right candidate.

5. Direct relationships with employment community

Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook signal a future where employers will need to build deeper channels of communication and provide platforms if they are to get noticed by today’s job seekers. In a real time world that is about live, unedited, and passionate responses which span platforms and time zones, job seekers will expect a relationship with an employer that goes far beyond merely sending in their CV. To a candidate, sending a CV to a recruiter currently feels far too much like throwing a tennis ball over a wall. Employers which can engage without compromising their integrity will be the big winners in 2010.

6. Accelerated competition

Whilst the recruitment sector is set for gradual recovery this year, the value of the permanent recruitment market will decline by a further 4.2% in the year ending March 2010, according to a report from market intelligence provider Key Note.

For some recruiters, this may be too little to late but for those that remain, competition will be hotter than ever before. Recruiters and companies alike will need to embrace technological solutions to get ahead.

Stay tuned for the final three industry trends. In the meantime, of the six trends cited so far, which do you think will make the most noise?


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