Nine Recruitment Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss – Part 1

We all love recruiting (right?) and we all love speculation (right). But like recruiting, some speculation is worth more than others. So allow our Managing Director at Innovate CV, Daniel Lyons, to take his turn on the soap box and share his predictions of what we can expect in 2010-2011.

1. The perfect storm: say hello to innovation

At a time when no business is exempt from the challenging economic market, companies are being forced to innovate and restructure at an unprecedented rate in order to achieve a competitive advantage in the market place. The recruitment industry can be no exception: 2010 is ripe for a recruitment revolution.

Whilst for years the recruitment process has remained static, rendering all parties and stakeholders involved in the process unsatisfied, it can no longer afford to lag behind the futuristic technologies which other industries are so successfully embracing in order to get ahead. Recruitment players will be required to offer a much-needed, dynamic and efficient solution to the recruitment process at every level. This will provide large efficiency gains for the early adopters before becoming the industry standard.

2. Increased pressure on HR Professionals

During unprecedented times in which increasing amounts of people have been forced to change jobs, the number of applicants per role has risen dramatically. Naturally, this has had an immediate knock-on-effect on the time HR professionals are having to devote to finding the right individual for the job. In fact a recent survey* revealed that of the 39.4% of respondents’ HR departments, as much as 9.2% of them are spending 50-75% of department time on recruiting. These professionals are crying out for an easy to use, creative technical solution in order to decrease interview and screening time.

* Recruiting, Turnover & Retention in the New Economy, Kennedy Information

3. From traditional to digital

2010 will see a gradual decline in the use of traditional recruitment methods, at least as far as the larger companies are concerned anyway. They will have the scale to develop the best practices, and train their workforce in other methods of recruitment. This will see the inertia which has traditionally been associated with Social and Digital Media recruitment begin to drift away. Case studies for recruitment via digital will develop, increasing the level of trust that other, smaller parties have in the system.

As employers become increasingly cash conscious and time poor, online resources will begin to take precedence over the traditional mediums of recruiting, which involve lengthy processes such as collating references etc. This will particularly become the case if online recruitment methods improve, and attain a higher level of integration with recruitment CRMs. Finding the right candidate at the best possible price will be key in a difficult economy.

Part two and three coming your way. Soon. But in the meantime, what do you think is the greater trend?


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One Comment on “Nine Recruitment Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss – Part 1”

  1. Jim DellaVolpe
    June 15, 2010 at 5:10 am #

    I vote for #1. Recruiting is changing in some very profound ways. Recruiters will have to adapt and find new ways to derive revenue from their clients. They can choose to provide more services for them or watch as someone else does. This change will create more opportunities for some recruiters while others shut their lights off and move on. I’m not sure that Talent Hog can help you in the UK just yet, but stay in touch as you watch how we empower recruiters in the USA.

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