Job Candidates: Stand Out from the Crowd!

The Chinese character for “risk” is the same as “opportunity”. The Hebrew word for “crisis” is the same as “birthing stool”. So is there any word that is interchangeable for “recession”?!

Well according to the recent article from The Economist the leaders of recruitment industry learnt the lessons of recession which highlighted their organisational and structural weaknesses and have taken steps to get into better shape.

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However, it is still a “tough market” out there for recruiters and candidates alike and so the recession has also seen necessity once again rise as the mother of invention, with new technologies riding the back of the wave.

Innovate CV provides an answer to one of the most difficult challenges for candidates in a flooded market – ie differentiating from the many other candidates out there.

Conveying individuality and personal skills has always been a challenge using the traditional paper CV. We live in a multi dimensional world and as job applicants want the ability to present all dimensions to a potential employer in a succinct, accurate and compelling way. The paper CV has literally remained unchanged in any significant way throughout the Web 2.0 revolution.

Having the chance to upload videos, audio, certificates, work samples, references, detailed description of academic and professional accomplishments and work history all in one place is a tantalising “opportunity” for candidates, born of a “crisis” – the stagnation of the CV.



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